"When the gold speaks, eloquence is weak"




Jewellery’s Workshop


Jewels creations
We can create just about any jewelry designfrom a photograph or drawing

Jewellery Repair Service
We are a repair service of jewellery, gold, silver and we resize your rings. We give new life to your jewels modifying its design on commision.

Setting of precious stone
we mount precious stone and semi-precious stone of each shape and size using the up-to-date technique of microscope.

Engraving service
We do engraving laser on surfaces and on wedding rings with wide varieties of font.


Silver plating of any gift and fancy goods. Gold plating and rhodium plating of jewels: we can turn an yellow gold into white gold and viceversa.

String beads service
We string beads on necklaces and bracelets. We realize, on commission, a mixed string with gems and precious metals.


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Cell: 3383072046 - e_mail: info@bebgioielli. com - P.IVA